Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why You Should Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Some interesting figure passed across my computer screen the other day when I was doing research for a client's article. Did you know that over 70% of web users in Asia accessed the internet exclusively through their mobile devices? In North America the number of users that access the web through their mobile devices is over 50%. Today's smart phones are more like mini-PC's than cell phones. Even cell phones that have internet availability have come a long way toward user ease and quality of service. More people have cell phones than do not today and for this reason it is wise for website owners and designers to make their sites mobile friendly.

So what does this actually mean? It means that users can see your website easily on their phones and that the loading time does not take forever. One way to make your website mobile friendly is to take advantage of some of the programs and plug-ins available. WP Touch is an excellent plug-in that automatically converts your WP Blog into a mobile version that is easy to read on all mobile devices. You can even blog from your mobile device with the use of the Word Press Mobile Pack. This plug-in lets you update your blog, post new entries and answer comments right from your mobile device. The mobile admin pane gives you most of the tools and features of the WP website on your phone. WP Tap offers a complete selection of WP themes for your smart phone. Its admin panel offers the full range of WP features.

With the popularity of cell phones, smart phones and other mobile devices it is just bad business not to include mobile usability into your website design. Contact The Cutting Edge Pros to bring your website into the 21st century and get your website mobile friendly.

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