Monday, December 20, 2010

Article Spinning Software - Is It Really Worth It?

Article spinning has become a popular trend in an effort to create more articles to post to directories and get your links out there. It is tempting to use article spinning software, but usually the resulting products read like pigeon English and make no sense or hardly any sense at all. Recently while doing research for this blog I came across a particularly horrendous article that is obviously the product of spinning software. Here's a small excerpt of it:
"The bustling bee report and a lifestyle of dispatch and discord have simply incited humans into critical robots. In this new epoch of internet, people afterwards use web as an effective height for joining and gripping proficient of what is function around them and on a planet. Internet now definition probably all for many has lead to extreme boost in series of internet users in past few years. Redefining life today, it has shabby roughly each
globe of life. From financial transaction to business creation and shopping, online is a new disturb among users who trust in enjoying new technologies and lifestyle as a approach of living."  

Pretty bad, huh? I could hardly get past the first sentence let alone read the entire 500 word article. I'm still not sure what they were trying to say. Anyone that actually speaks English can see that this is not written correctly. And this is just one example. I've come across even worse ones that left me wondering what on earth they were trying to talk about. Sure the links are in there and the search engines will see them, but what about real people? Don't you want real people to find your links and follow them to your site? Eventually the search engines will recognize that they are the only ones reading your articles and drop their page rank or delete them all together. 

It is better to take the time or spend the money to hire a professional to write quality articles that real people will want to read. The combination of quality original content with backlinks is the secret to high SEO juice. Believe me when I say as an SEO consultant and professional writer, the money you will spend on quality content will be returned to you many times over in revenue. There is no magic formula for SEO juice, each website is unique and each one deserves a personal approach and it does take some time to build your page rank. 

Don't take the easy way out and waste your time and money by using spinning software. Hire one of the professional writers at The Cutting Edge Pros and see the difference real human generated content makes. Contact them today for a free quote on your next project. 

Have you ever used spinning software and been happy with the results? Tell us your experiences with it and if you think it is worth the time and money.  

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