Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's All Gotta Come Out Eventually

I know I usually write about SEO but indulge me for a bit since at heart I am a writer. Another writer friend of mine, Rogue you should follow her blog by the way, and I were talking over Skype and we both agreed that as writers there are some trains of thought that just need to come out so that we will have some peace. I hate it when I'm in bed and my mind won't sit still. It flits from one subject to another until I'm down some previously untraveled road wondering how I got there. Have you ever done that? Started with one random thought and a few minutes later you're halfway around the world with your thoughts? Does it make you think backward to see how you got there and then you discover your starting point and think, wow that was a trip? LOL I do it all of the time.

So what's a writer to do? Write of course. I am so I write, I write and I am. See how it is a circle that is sometimes vicious. As a writer our words define us and sometimes these thoughts are in us and have to come out before they drive us crazy. Non-writer friends find this to be strange and you should see the looks I get from non-writers when I talk about my characters writing my fiction. It does sound strange, but you develop these characters and the become real in your mind and they do indeed talk to you and tell you where they want to go and how they will act in certain situations.

Are we crazy? Well, yeah I think we are a bit insane at time. Especially when the writing takes over and we're dead tired but we have to get out one more page. And that's okay. I'd rather be a crazy writer than a sane non-writer any day.

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