Saturday, July 5, 2014

Letting wedding cards beckon the grand moments in your life

Deciding to get hitched is no cakewalk. There can be no better way than celebrating this gala event than making it official to all your near and dear ones. And what better way than going for some extraordinary invitation techniques. Over the years, wedding concepts have undergone a drastic change and brought in new trends to make this milestone in one’s life all the more special.  Today you see a variety in tastes in nearly everything concerned with weddings. From exquisite d├ęcor themes to lip-smacking dishes, there is unending effort much before the D-day.

One thing that marks a suitable platform to display one’s creative skills is the wedding card. Whether you opt for something simple and handmade or prefer catering to the tastes of tech-savvy people by taking the email or online card route, there is always scope for going offbeat and unique. However, that does not mean one goes out all his or her way to burn a hole in the pocket and opt for cards that are way above the budget. Since there are other things to manage in a wedding, wooing people in innovative ways can be done easily by a careful selection of designs.

Since modernization has impacted wedding cards greatly, here’s taking a look into some effective tips and tricks for designing wedding invitations:

Get a clear idea about the design
It is only on the basis of the design that an event’s formality can be determined. Your wedding style should be underlined in the best way possible in the invitation card. Most guests remain confused if the wedding pertains to the classic period, i.e. the traditional style or something glam, elegant or modern wedding. You can think of using gorgeous fabric scrolls or get some cutouts and designs from the latest printing techniques. For those who are artsy can pick out few pictures and make a collage to attract guests.

Color themes are in
Wedding themes are appropriate in making the auspicious occasion stand out to the rest. From invitations, save-the-dates and thank you cards, there are plenty of options to be thematic in outlook. It is not necessary you have to take a single colour as your pick but can balance it out with a cohesive look too. Just because you have chosen an ivory white shade for bringing alive the classic and formal look does not mean you will not throw in some colour.
Experimentation with the right sizes and shapes
Gone are the days when it was mandatory on your part to abide by the conventional shapes and sizes of invitation cards. This is no more the age of 4.5 inch by 6.25 inch rectangular card. As long as you know how to get shapes like squares or rounds or scalloped ones right, there’s no harm treading the not-so-followed route. Besides, online card creating applications have now become a more practical option for most bound by time factor.

Choice of legible fonts
There is every possibility that you go overboard with the invitations as regards patterns, colors and fonts are concerned. Obviously there are no set rules about these, but the most important aspect is that the text on the card is readable or on other words, must be legible. If online is what you swear by, select from fonts like Georgia or Times New Roman. Since the idea is to be decorative, it is quite natural that one will face difficulty in reading smaller sizes. For such reasons, it is always recommended you choose a large text size that does not forsake on clarity.

Bring in uniqueness
Your wedding must have something exclusive of yours. A wedding invitation card is the perfect platform for bringing in that desired uniqueness to the fore. It could be highlighting your love story through a short film or a video incorporating special matters in your life. Or you could also choose to add few quotes or photographs of yourself to bring in the necessary fun element. Whatever you choose, remember it’s all about getting that signature touch to your card, so you can customize it to your requirements.

Your wedding is not just the most special day in your life, but marks the onset of a fulfilling chapter in your life. By bringing something out of the box on the table in your invitation pattern, you are only laying the framework for cherishing something memorable throughout your lifetime.

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