Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Death in the Park

The wine and olives and Parmesan cheese were warm from the sun and the ants were just beginning to find them as Detective Slaughter looked down upon the victim. She had short gray hair cut into a bob, delicate features that had once been very beautiful but now were marred by the years. Her dress was simple and conservative but she was barefoot. As he looked at her lifeless corpse sitting on the park bench with her rotting lunch beside her he wondered what had brought her to this point. No signs of struggle were apparent and nothing seemed amiss. Could she just have met her fate this sunny afternoon in the park or was it something more sinister, he wondered.

Image by Flickr
As he investigated the scene he saw that there were two wines glasses and two napkins with food on them. That piqued his interest. Who had her dinner companion been and where had he or she spirited off to? Taking out his notebook, he despised Blackberries and stuck with an old fashioned notebook and pencil, he began to take notes of the scene. The wind was blowing gently and he could hear children playing in the background. Somewhere a dog was barking and a couple was laughing. Not a bad place to meet your fate, he thought as he continued to make his investigation.

Suddenly he spied a note clutched in the dead woman's hand. Carefully he used his tweezers to retrieve it and after he donned his gloves he read it. "I'm so sorry for everything, Love B" was all it said. Now he was curious.